The Uniform Project: FAQs

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How does my organisation make a referral to The Uniform Project?

If you are professional, agency or school who would like to refer a family for help, please contact us on 01524 932001 or email us at: [email protected].


Where is my nearest collection and drop off point?

All school uniforms will be collected directly from the school concerned. If you are looking to drop off brand-new uniform items, please bring them to our new premises Anchor Building, 86 Westgate, Morecambe, LA3 3DD.


Can I set up my own drop off point?

Yes, absolutely! You can help us by setting up your own neighbour, school or business drop off point, collecting gently-used or brand-new items of all ages and sizes. Gently-used items must be clean, with no stains, rips, tears or frayed edges please! We are not accepting any shoes, socks or undergarments.


How can I access clothes from The Uniform Project and how do I qualify for assistance?

Everybody’s circumstances are all different, so a confidential conversation can be made initially with a member of staff at your child’s or children’s school. Headteachers have been sent a letter notifying them about this service. Alternatively, you can contact us directly until our self-referral service has been set up.


Following referral, what do you do with my personal information?

Your name and postcode are kept for our personal reference and use only and will not be passed onto any third party that is not connected to our work. We may, on occasion, have conversations with your point of contact for the referral.


What clothes are available through The Uniform Project?

Trousers, skirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts/jumpers, gym kits, blazers, underwear, ties, cardigans, pinafores, summer dresses.


Will I be able to access all items of school uniform?

We have very limited resources, which means we have had to make some very difficult decisions. Clothing distributed will be subject to availability. Please ask your school directly about the need for items bearing the school logo. For the foreseeable future, we will not be able to distribute school shoes due to the difficulties in sourcing individual sizes, needs and personal taste.


Can I specify what clothes my family needs through The Uniform Project?

Yes, you will be asked to specify what you need. Please note that this subject to availability.


Can items be exchanged?

Yes. Please return items to your collection point with any original packaging or in a sealed bag (a tied plastic bag is fine). Please let us know the reason (too small/big) so that we can arrange a replacement.


Are there any charges for using this service?

There is no charge for the recycled items available through our shop in Morecambe; however, this is currently closed until further notice and will not reopen until we are able meet the social distancing requirements. Should you wish to make a financial donation, this is at your discretion. You will not be asked to do so and there is no expectation that you should.


Will you accept nearly-new school uniform?

Yes, but please note that these should be gently used; that is, clean, with no stains, rips, tears or frayed edges please. We are not accepting any shoes, socks or undergarments.


What will my donation buy?

A £5 donation will buy two polo shirts or a pair of trousers or a skirt. A £10 donation will buy a jumper/sweatshirt. A £20 donation will buy two polo shirts, a pair of trousers or a skirt, and a jumper/sweatshirt. For more information on making donations, visit our ‘Donate Money’ page.