Reverse Advent Calendar 2020

6th November 2020

Our Reverse Advent Calendar for 2020 is here!

The idea with a reverse advent calendar is that instead of taking something out of a calendar each day, you put something into a box instead and then deliver it to us in time for Christmas to help with our Christmas food parcels.

Each day of the calendar has a different idea for the kinds of things that we need and you can download your version from the link below.

Reverse Advent Calendars can be dropped off to The Platform in Morecambe on weekdays from 10-3, Monday-Friday.

Reverse Advent Calendar 20

If you would like to do the reverse advent calendar it would be terrific if you could start it a little bit earlier than usual – in Mid-November so that donations can ideally reach us by 15th December.

Many people enjoy doing the reverse advent calendar in a group with friends or neighbours so if you want to do a lockdown collection together it would be very welcome as we are expecting high demand this Winter. Thank you!

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