Statistics, Autumn 2019

25th October 2019

We produce all sorts of facts and figures about our Foodbank. This is partly because we are part of the Trussell Trust and they use our data and collate it with data nationally, and partly so that we can see how our use is changing over time, and appeal for food when we can see trends and we know that a busy period is likely to come.

Sadly for us, in 2019 from January to September we can see that demand for our Foodbank is as high as it was last year, and up a little bit. The graph below shows the number of food parcels given out each month by year.

Foodbank statistics 2019 January – September

As you’ll see from our graph, we give out a tremendous amount of food during December so we will be hoping to take in as many donations as possible so that we can give out Christmas food parcels to all those who need them over the festive period.


The two graphs above show the number of vouchers issued and the number of people fed (these are different because a family of four will come with one voucher, for example). The next graph shows the reasons that people are coming to us. You’ll see that ‘low income’ is the main reason, as it has been for the last two years. This means that benefits or low and part-time wages are not covering the cost of basic living for some people.

Want to help us?

If you would like to help us, we need ongoing donations of food but we also need to raise money to cover our increasing core costs. Many people give us a few pounds a month on an ongoing basis and this regular income is very helpful as it helps us to plan. If this is something that you think that you could do, you can find our bank details and set up a standing order on our ‘Donate Money‘ page.

Thank you.

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